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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

All services from a single source

Girlan Immobilien offers Germanwide all relevant real estate services for shopping centres, department stores, mixed quarters, hotel and office properties, retail parks, car parks and commercial buildings from a single source. Professional, proactive management secures values, reduces risks and creates the basis for sustainable, high-yield retail and commercial properties.

Managed real estate assets of 1.75 billion euros and a managed rental space of around 650 thousand square metres demonstrate the clients’ confidence in our know-how, experience and networks.

Managed Properties
Property Lifecycle Services
Premium Asset Services

Full Lifecycle Services

Concept / Strategy

Asset / Property Management

Leasing Highstreet

Rounding off uses

Consulting / with owner perspective

Shopping Centre Management

Daily centre operation

Concept / Strategy

Positioning / Marketing

Leasing / Communication

Urban Integration

Complementary uses such as

Office and micro logistics

Office Real Estate

Development / Management

Flexible Workspace

Spatial structure / building structure

Open Space / Single Office

Transformation / Conception

Development / Project Management

Conception / Planning

Profitability analysis

Creation of building rights

Tendering / awarding

Project management

Technical tenant support / tenant coordination

Transformation / Repositioning

Concept / planning / construction supervision

Profitability analysis

Project management

Leasing / Tenant repositioning

Coordination of service providers

Control of planners / construction companies


Market and trend analysis

Conception / location-appropriate tenant and product mix / rent calculation

Exposé/lease acquisition

Rental contract negotiation/lease agreement

Coordination with owner

Regular reporting

Commercial Property Management

Tenant support

Receivables management

Service charge settlement

Budget planning / reporting

Property accounting

Rental contract management

Technical Property Management

ESG, sustainability, energy management

Leasehold improvements

Technical tenant coordination

Maintenance management / CapEx

Budget planning / reporting

Coordination of service providers

Transaction Management

On-/Off-Market Transaction


Matching investors / capital

Market/location analyses

Due Diligence / Underwriting

Negotiation of purchase agreement

After-sales management

Service SumUp
Buy-Side-Advisory / Deal Sourcing

Our analysis and advice are the optimal basis for investors to make decisions. We find the right property for your investment and risk profile.

⦁ Identification of properties for purchase
⦁ Market value analyses
⦁ Consultation on and examination of approvability
⦁ Off-market or structured bidding process
⦁ Due diligence and data room management
⦁ Transaction management of individual and portfolio transactions
⦁ Re-letting scenarios
⦁ Exit strategies
⦁ Ongoing reporting

Repositioning / Conception

The pressure to adapt and transform is huge, especially in retail property, and so is the scope for design. Whether transformation, repositioning or conversion – we develop and implement the appropriate property and service concept.

⦁ Analysis and consulting, development of utilisation mix
⦁ Revitalisation, repositioning and transformation
⦁ Project, location, competition and turnover potential analyses
⦁ Market value analyses and examination of approvability
⦁ Re-letting scenarios and exit strategies
⦁ Technical and commercial property management
⦁ Subletting and exit strategies
⦁ Planning and realisation of rental area extensions, conversions and extensions
⦁ Construction project management and construction controlling

Development / Project Management

Project development is custom work. We develop retail and commercial real estate as well as mixed-use properties with a mix of uses appropriate to the location and the market and accompany real estate in all phases of life.

⦁ Planning and concept development
⦁ Construction project management and construction controlling
⦁ Project, location, competition and turnover potential analyses
⦁ obtaining building rights and approvals
⦁ Development and implementation of joint venture models
⦁ Coordination of planning and specialist planning
⦁ Implementation of architectural competitions
⦁ Maintaining contact with authorities and stakeholders
⦁ Transition to long-term management

Shopping Centre Management

Shopping centres today are complex assets with often demanding conditions. With our professional, proactive management we ensure the best possible performance of your shopping centre or mixed-use property.

⦁ First contact person on site
⦁ Management of daily operations
⦁ Centre Strategy
⦁ Hygiene and safety concepts
⦁ Complementing alternative uses
⦁ Tenant communication, marketing and leasing
⦁ Continuous competitive analysis and observation
⦁ Maintaining contact with authorities and stakeholders
⦁ Control service provider

Technical Property Management

Technical property management ensures that the value and future viability of commercial and industrial properties is maintained. We are your partner for technical property management.

⦁ First contact person on site
⦁ Technical property management
⦁ Technical sales support and advice
⦁ Budget planning, maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation management
⦁ Planning and realisation of rental area extensions, conversions and extensions
⦁ Support for leasing and sales
⦁ Control of service providers
⦁ Ongoing reporting
⦁ Planning and implementation of technical projects

Commercial Property Management

We think and act like owners and investors and always keep an eye on all cash flows. Our commercial property management ensures the optimal management of commercial and industrial properties.

⦁ Securing the cash flow
⦁ Rental Contract Management
⦁ Budget planning, invoicing, bookkeeping
⦁ Effective receivables management
⦁ Settlement of service charges, target/actual analyses
⦁ Control of service providers
⦁ Transaction support
⦁ Data room management and object documentation
⦁ Ongoing reporting

Transaction Management

Networking, process reliability and goal orientation are the be-all and end-all in real estate and portfolio transactions. We offer comprehensive transaction management for third parties.

⦁ Individual and portfolio transactions
⦁ Market analysis and purchase price assessment, property selection and examination
⦁ Marketing of real estate
⦁ Comprehensive management of all project phases
⦁ Purchase contract development / negotiation
⦁ Market value analyses and examination of approvability
⦁ Off-market or structured bidding process
⦁ Due diligence, technical sales support and data room management
⦁ After Sales Management

Separate Account Management

Investors without their own platform need a reliable partner. We offer tailor-made Separate Account Management with all relevant real estate services.

⦁ Property selection and review⦁ Creation of a diversified portfolio
⦁ Market value analyses and examination of approvability
⦁ Active asset and portfolio management
⦁ Accounting, ROI calculation and consulting
⦁ Re-letting scenarios and exit strategies
⦁ Transaction Management
⦁ Real estate management according to the investor’s needs
⦁ Ongoing reporting

Asset and Portfolio Management

Value creation, security and risk minimisation are essential interests of owners and investors. Our high-performance asset and portfolio management ensures the sustainable, security- and yield-oriented development of your assets.

⦁ Securing the cash flow
⦁ Analysis of market, object, competition and turnover potential
⦁ Property strategies and optimisation of the portfolio structure
⦁ Alternative scenarios and post-use concepts
⦁ Risk management, profitability analyses, business plans, budgeting and financial forecasts
⦁ Active portfolio management, for example through repositioning, letting, refurbishments and alternative uses
⦁ Controlling letting, technical and commercial property management
⦁ Control and implementation of sales processes and transactions
⦁ Ongoing reporting


Leasing is crucial for the value of the property. We keep an eye on the tenants and landlords and develop individual, tailor-made rental models for the owner.

⦁ Leasing strategy, leasing concepts
⦁ Analysis tenant, object, location, catchment area
⦁ Active targeting of tenants and re-leasing
⦁ Lease negotiations and lease management
⦁ Ongoing optimisation of the tenant and product range structure
⦁ Adaptation and optimisation of the areas
⦁ Linking offline and online trade
⦁ Property marketing and tenant communication
⦁ Regular coordination with owner

Car Park Operation

Despite digitisation and mobility change, accessibility is a key success criterion, especially for retail properties. Our car park management ensures smooth car park operation.

⦁ Car park and multi-storey car park management
⦁ Conception of multi-storey car parks
⦁ Efficient operation
⦁ Incidental cost optimisation, budget planning
⦁ Evaluation of car park occupancy / billing systems
⦁ Integration of mobility concepts
⦁ Comfortable visitor guidance systems
⦁ Control of service providers
⦁ Ongoing reporting

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