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Environmental Social Governance

Sustainability is a central issue for Girlan Immobilien. For us, sustainable action is an essential management task that results from social demands in combination with economic and ecological aspects. The basis for this is the ESG concept: ESG stands for Environment, Social and Corporate Governance. ESG and sustainability aspects are subject to increasingly strict regulation, e.g. through the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

Sustainability promotes property quality and market value

As a real estate service provider, we provide ESG-compliant services for our clients and their properties on the one hand, and on the other hand we also orient ourselves towards sustainability criteria within our own company. Thus, for us and our partners, it is both a task and a motivation to promote sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of retail and commercial properties – from conception, development, use and transformation to deconstruction. The spectrum of possible measures ranges from the purchase of climate-neutral energy, the use of efficient lighting systems and intelligent waste management systems to the use of sustainable consumables and cleaning agents to the selection of ESG-compliant service providers and the collection, provision and reporting of relevant data for owners and investors.

Sustainability: Data is the key

For us, social sustainability means, on the one hand, taking responsibility for our employees and customers, and, on the other hand, behaving in a socially responsible manner towards other social stakeholders – such as tenants, consumers and communities. As Girlan Immobilien, we try to make a positive contribution, for example by supporting social projects and promoting our entire team. Girlan Immobilien actively promotes respectful and constructive interaction.

Good corporate governance

The corporate and management culture of Girlan Immobilien is characterised by transparency, trust and reliability towards internal and external stakeholders. In order to meet the high requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation, Girlan Immobilien has defined corresponding guidelines that reflect the values of the company. They form the basis for good corporate governance and the ethical and legal framework for our actions, and help us to identify conflicts and avoid misconduct.